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I have a existencial problem.


There are some provider that offer the service of bandwith asimetric as download/upload link as for example 512/256. but most of them offer not exclusive this amount of transmission or reception capacity. They usually offer the service with more users as a ratio of 1/10.


How I can design a appropriate diagrama with htb where the amount of bandwith could vary.?


I have an idea where I can create a paterrn as :


    Main Link




Childs A     Child B   Child C   Child X


Where X is the amount of bandwith that could vary? And it change in period of time as from 8:00am – 12:00pm bandwith 200kbps and from 12:00pm-16:00pm 100 kbps. And so on. Depend of the stadistic I assume.


And reload the script several time with crob.


Does anyone knows a better way?




Alex Segura N.

Jefe de Proyectos Redes - VoIP

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