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kamen pisze:

I have a Linux server and provide Internet access in the neighborhood
and I also run a web server on the same machine.
Although our external connection is not bad, the access to the web
server from outside is awful - the web pages always require "Try
again" when accessed.

Do you think I can prioritize the traffic to the web server? How? I
have a traffic shaper of the internal and the external interface. I
use "tc" with HTB and "iptables" for that purpose. I mark the packets
and then filter them. I just don't seem to have written the write

Thanks in advance!

this task should be an easy objective to acomplish, do you have some kind of shaping in place at this moment ? anyway, please supply more info on priv and i may be able to help you.

Radek 'Goblin' Pieczonka
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