Traffic generation and measurement

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i am searching for a method to generate traffic and measure it, to compare several version of tc configurations.
For my thesis i am researching the best way to use tc for medium sized companies.
For this purpose i analyzed the company network and created a tc schema.
Now i have to test this definition in a kind of simulation outside the network.
Also i have to do a comparison of the different qdiscs for my prof.
So i need a way to define traffic and send it into tc and need to have a way to plot the results.
I tried with virtual machines and wireshark but that didn't seam to be the right solution.
The problem is i have problems with generating usable traffic.
Can anybody help me there?
I just found a tool called ethloop but couldn't find an useful documentation.
It seams there are some people out there, who use this tool. Perhaps somebody could give me a hint where to look.

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