OT: vendor hw recommendations

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I'm mostly just a lurker here, but with recent discussion just wanted to
toss this question out to the community/vendors.

My preferences are..

	a) low thermals (maybe sbc)
	b) routes 100-200Mbps with shaping
	c) 1U-4U rack mountable factor
	d) not sparc, alpha or mips based
	e) pci-x /pcie slot so I can put some quad port nic (open to
	f) priced between 300-1000 USD
	g) serial port preferably with bios level access

Looking at the vyatta project, which was recommended by a senior person
on this list, they are currently supporting Dell 860's.  Which fits some
of the requirements, but I'm open to different vendors such as Tyan.
Routerboard and soekris 4801 with my limited testing couldn't push
enough bandwidth otherwise they'd be a nice fit. Feel free to email me
off list if you think this is too OT.

Thanks in advance!


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