Changing TBF rate on the fly results in drops?

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Hi everybody, it is my first message here. I tried to browse throughout older posts but I found no immediate answer.

I need to change rate of a tbf queue while ip packets are already enqueued by it. If I go:

tc qdisc replace|change|link dev eth0 root tbf rate 180kbit burst 1540 limit 15400

as results all enqueued packets seems to disappear. I can see that from a:

tc -s qdisc ls dev eth0

where backlog suddenly goes down to zero packets. Iperf performances also confirm that. Using custom kernel on Ubuntu 6.06.

Where can I look to understand what is going on? Can I do something else to get the same result (shaping outgoing traffic dynamically and very often without losses)?

Thanks in advance!


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