Sluggish throughput with htb

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I have been using the following as a means of rate limiting access to the Internet via eth0 (which connects to my cable modem) and it was working great with my 2.4.20 kernel:

tc qdisc del dev eth0 root
tc qdisc add dev eth0 root handle 1: htb default 1
tc class add dev eth0 parent 1: classid 1:1 htb rate 486kbit ceil 486kbit
tc qdisc add dev eth0 parent 1:1 handle 10: sfq perturb 10

However, after recently updating to kernel version 2.6.15, throughput on eth0 has become sluggish and it is only by disabling the above that performance is restored.

Also, I see a whole slew of the following messages in my log:

qdisc_restart: Empty queue has non zero length 1

Any advice on how to approach this problem would be greatly appreciated.


- Andrew Kraslavsky

P.S. If I go back to my 2.4.20 kernel, throughput is restored.

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