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On 29 Okt 2007, peet@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> В сообщении от Monday 29 October 2007 22:46:39 Thomas Elsgaard
> написал(а):
>> Hello guys
>> I have a subnet with 255 users, which need to share 1 single slow
>> internet connection, so i would like to implement a kind of *fair
>> queuing *on the UPLOAD between them, which means that they all share
>> the connection equally..
>> The tools that i have available is: A linux box with IPROUTE2,HTB and
>> TC..
>> I have looked at some examples, and my first idea was to make 255
>> entries in iproute2, marking each source IP from 1-255 , and then
>> adding one class in HTB, with 255 childs... but isn't there a smarter
>> way?
>> Does anyone have an example? or a good idea
> <skip />
> simply sfq -- is enough, isn't it?

No (at least not yet?)

Quoting the man page (man sfq): 
"SFQ  does not  shape traffic  but  only schedules  the transmission  of
packets, based on ’flows’.  The goal  is to ensure fairness so that each
flow is able to send data  in turn, thus preventing any single flow from
drowning out the rest."

"SFQ  is work-conserving and therefore  always delivers a  packet if it
has one available."

ESFQ might help. Using google:

Corey  Hickey is  working  on  getting some  ESFQ  features into  kernel
mainline SFQ:
Search for "SFQ: backport some features from ESFQ (try 5)" on netdev ml.


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