Re: failover with conntrackd

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At 2007-10-23 11:38:00 +0530, ams@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> But I'll try vrrpd anyway, thanks.

Ah, no. vrrpd is a non-starter, because it provides no notification when
a machine switches between primary and secondary mode. Unfortunately, I
can't use any of the three failover programs I've tried so far.

1. keepalived
    - Provides notifications.
    - Uses a single process for multiple interfaces, so no
      synchronisation problems.
    - Doesn't support MAC address takeover.

2. vrrpd
    - Supports MAC address takeover.
    - Uses one process per interface, but supports synchronisation
      through signalling the other process when state the changes.
    - Doesn't provide notifications (although Jerome Etienne's OLS
      presentation suggests that he meant to implement this).
    - Not very nice code; authentication partly implemented, but with
      bugs and without sufficient testing.

3. ucarp
    - Provides notifications.
    - Reasonably nice code.
    - Uses one process per interface, and provides no synchronisation
      support at all.
    - Does not support MAC address takeover.

I'm going to modify ucarp to change the MAC address with the state, and
to switch state on signal, so that two processes can be synchronised.

This is a lot more painful than I thought it would be.

-- ams
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