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2007/10/20, Zhuang Yuyao <mlistz@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> The network topo looks like this:
> the original network:
> router1                        router2
>  |                                     |
>  |----------------OSPF------------|
> the target network: (we need to insert a transparent firewall between
> these 2 routers, so a proxy arp is set up on firewall to bridge
> router1 and router2)
> router1           firewall            router2
>  |                    |    |                 |
>  |------OSPF-----|    |---OSPF-----|
> my question is: is an osfpd required on firewall to allow ospf traffic
> to pass through? or proxy arp has done this job already?

Well, subnet is the only thing that is important for OSPF, so I am not
sure if proxy arp will work. But I think hopefully it should do the
trick, because IP is only for management, proxy arp is
transparent to both router1 and router2. It should work as is. However
I have not tested it myself, it is just an assumption.


Dovydas Sankauskas
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