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An alpha-mature code of the Connexion project is available: [171Kb]

 * en:
 * ru:

See docs/INSTALL for quick start-up howto (strictly speaking, installation 
isn't required, it can work out-of-box -- if all dependencies are provided).

config samples:
 * in the tarball, interfaces/console/testing/*
 * event handling:


In general, Connexion is a framework that provides an easy way to create and 
combine system configuration modules. The 0.4.4 is shipped with modules:

 * ncsh: basic network setup (ethernet, vlan, bridging, pptp, pppoe controls), 
shaping (tbf,htb) (including class-factory for massive shaping)
 * events: snmp traps and netlink events handling
 * base dictionary


System requirements: GNU/Linux (2.6.13 and above tested; older kernels are not 
tested but should work, except, maybe, netlink events), glibc (uclibc is not 
tested, may not work in events handling), python2.4, iproute2, vlan-utils and 
other ip stuff.

Possible problems: netlink module uses ctypes and operates on very low level. 
It may have arch-related bugs, 'cause it is tested only on PC ia32 and amd 

Additional python modules (may be installed, but are not necessary):

 * egenix-mx-experimental -- for UID(); if absent, uuidgen will be used
 * pysnmp 4.x
 * pyasn1
 * pysnmp-mibs -- for SNMP traps
 * ctypes -- for netlink events

So, without event handling, the Connexion project may work with python2.4 
only, w/o any additional packages (ip related utils are still needed, but if 
one works with network setup, he already has these utils)


I hope that the project will be useful. Any comments are appreciated. If 
anyone want to help the project with coding/testing/docs -- you are welcome.

Peter V. Saveliev
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