Prioritizing filters in tcng?

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	I've been using a TCNG-based traffic shaper for about a year and
a half now to manage bandwidth usage of a number of our fiber and
wireless customers, and it's always worked extremely well. 

	Right now though, I'm finding myself with a problem I'm not
sure how to solve properly: We also provide colocation hosting for
several of those clients, and we'd like to be able to offer them
unrestricted bandwidth from their locations to their respective colo
hosts. We had a similar problem before, back when I was still using a
shell script that called TC directly, and at the time I simply used two
nested classes, one for their regular traffic and a second one for the
client's VPN uplink which had a more specific filter (specifying both
source and destination instead of just one), and assigning a higher
priority to the filter.

	However, I'm not sure how to translate that into TCNG syntax.
Any suggestions would be welcome.

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