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Hi' I'm using few ways to achieve a ip tunnel

option 1
ppp over ssh

option 2
modprobe ipip
iptunnel add tundev mode ipip remote ${REMOTEIP}
ifconfig tundev $IP

or u can use gre like your email above,

hope it helps


On 9/23/07, Pullus Cuetlachtli <pullusum@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi!
> Can I create the unnumbered GRE tunnel with iproute2 utility?
> Can someone provide me a link/howto/example_config how to do it?
> The topology is one tunnel between two linux boxes:
> -- eth1-|__|-eth0 <-------------> eth0-|__|-eth1 --
> I'm trying now with:
> ip tu add tun1 mode gre local loc.IP remote rem.IP ttl 255 dev eth0
> ip addr add tun1
> ip link set tun1 up
> but it doesn't succeed..
>  Thanks in advance for any help!
> --
> WBR Sagi Sh
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