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Frithjof Hammer wrote:
>>Sorry, I didnt follow the thread - what is the goal to be achieved with
>>the setup?
> A simple ingress shaping on ppp0 (PPPOE DSL line). I want to replace my old 
> imq ingress shaper in favor of ifb. My former script used iptables marks  to 
> classify the packets. My iptables marks are getting set, as like before with 
> imq. But tc seems not to recognize them: It only uses the default class.
> So i run tcpdump -i ifb0  and discovered that the packets seems to be still 
> encapsulated on ifb0. I suppose this is why my iptables stuff is not working.

Thats actually a completely different problem. Unlike with imq, packets
are delivered to ifb *before* they pass through iptables. So at that
time they're not marked. I don't see a good solution for this that
allows to keep the iptables rules, I'd suggest to switch to ematches.
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