Re: Clock Source Kernel settings in 2.6.22

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Mario Antonio Garcia wrote:
I used to get an average of  18900kbit.
My hope was that these new patches would bring better accuracy.

Well, you're up from 94.5% to 99.95%, so they seem to do :)

Notice the 24 cburst. I am just trying to compensate the inaccuracy this way. If I remove the cburst, obviously the shape rate I get goes down.

Perhaps I am missing something. I am just a novice trying to get exact bandwidth shaping. I have tested all the clock source types with no good results.

A couple of comments:

- The patches so far only improve things on x86

- Try to test using UDP (not sure if you did) or simply a ping flood,
 TCP is not ideal.

- iproute calculates burst values automatically. With the higher
 precision clock source you can use a smaller value (also done
 automatically if you don't specify them).

- HFSC is more precise than HTB (and not the least more complicated
 to configure if you use only linear service curves)

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