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    Hi all :)

    I think that this issue has already been discussed on this list, but
google didn't find anything interesting, so I'm bringing the subject

    The output of "tc" uses "b" meaning "byte" and "bit" for "bit". The
"official" suffixes for those units are "B" and "b", respectively, and
on top of this, I'm not sure if "kbit" means "kilobit" or "kibibit" in
"tc" output.

    I haven't had time to look at iproute2 sources, so I don't know if
this should be dealt with in iproute2 or in the kernel itself. Most of
the kernel has switched to SI units already, and IMHO most of the utils
should do the same, to avoid the endless problem of SI vs. binary units.

    This said, maybe this weird syntas is used in tc so third party apps
can parse the output. These apps certainly will break if a change in the
syntax is made, but otherwise I see no reason to keep using "b" instead
of "B" and "bit" instead of "b". Currently the only way of having a sane
syntax (and not only regarding units...) is "tcng"·

    If such a modification is seen as appropriate, I volunteer to make
the patch.

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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