Re: prio bands and ignored priomap when any tc filter is present

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Really, I only understood what the *priorities* of the priomap were until I read this other document from him:
The document I prepared was just an alternative for the priomap section of the howto based on this information, the only thing I would add to this information would be an extra comment at the end:

"- The ToS-to-Linux_Priority mapping is made at the very beggining of the routing process, even before the packet enters in the iptables chains. This means that changing the ToS field of the packet with iptable's "-j TOS --set-tos" flags, will not change neither its Linux priority nor the band it will be assigned to."

And maybe talk about the fact that the ToS byte has been replaced by the DiffServ Code Point, but for the moment the priority mapping, and many common applications are still using the ToS scheme, not other things like ICMP traffic as far as I've seen...

> No idea, I'm not the one to be asked about it :)

Sorry, the question was for the list, I didn't realized that I was sending it only to you, a newbie mistake. :)
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