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Hello list,

Please don't shoot me. I know I'm doing something with bonding that
bonding wasn't made for. I just want to give it a try. I want a simple
mechanism to have a failover on a 24Mbit line to a 2Mbit line in case
the 24Mbit line goes down.

Between A and B there are two lines: a 24Mbit and a 2Mbit. I use two
OpenVPN tunnels with tap devices:

  +-- tap0 (A)--- OpenVPN tunnel over 24Mbit --- tap0 (B) ---+
  |                                                          |
A-+                                                          +-B
  |                                                          |
  +-- tap1 (A)--- OpenVPN tunnel over 2Mbit ---- tap1 (B) ---+

I set up bond0 on both sides with tap0 as primary device using arpings:

  /sbin/modprobe -v bonding \
    mode=1 \
    primary=tap0 \
    arp_interval=2000 \
    arp_ip_target= (2 on the other end)

bond0 (A)
bond0 (B)

When starting bond0 on both sides, everything is ok. When the 24Mbit
line goes down, the 2Mbit line takes over within a few seconds as

But the line is not coming back to the primary 24Mbit line as I
expected. There are no arpings sent into the 24Mbit tunnel.

OTOH, the normal situation is immediately restored when I assign an ip
address to the tap-devices and ping them directly (from to, I get no reply, but that doesn't matter)

      +-- tap0 --- 24Mbit --- tap0 ---+
      |                                                 |
bond0-+ (                           ( +-bond0
      |                                                 |
      +-- tap1 --- 2Mbit ---- tap1 ---+

Anyone a hint (or a better idea)?


It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak
aloud and remove all doubt.

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