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Dear all,

I am trying to set up multi-user traffic control. In short, I want each user to be hard limited to 128kbit download and 64kbit upload. On top of that, I want interactive traffic (ICMP, ACK packets, SSH, etc) to be prioritised to minimise latency. It sounds like it ought to be done with a classful qdisc but I don't really know what I'm doing. I think I want something like the following:

root class
+ class
 |   + priority 0: SSH, ICMP, ACK, etc
 |   + priority 1: all other traffic
+ class
     + etc

I'm not sure if it's good to have ~250 classes for the IP addresses, and sub classes within those for the different priorities, or if all the traffic should be rate-limited by IP first, and then sorted into a handful of shared classes, to be dequeued.

I have taken advice from this list for the past couple of weeks and I have a semi functional script now. However the latency suddenly jumps to >4000ms as soon as the user starts downloading. Also my script uses police rate to limit upload speed - but this is not particularly effective and also not really required, as the box is able to shape traffic in both directions. It is also a NAT box.

Related, not but strictly to do with tc, is there any way of concisely and effectively logging connections between NATd users and external IPs? I need to be able to maintain a log which tells me that a certain user was connected to a certain remote host on port 1234 at a certain time and date, for legal reasons.

I realise this is a bit of a mammoth request, but I hope someone can help me.

Many thanks in advance,

Jonathan Gazeley
ResNet | Wireless & VPN Team
Information Systems & Computing
University of Bristol

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