bandwidth aggregation between 2 hosts in the same subnet

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I'm trying to increase the bandwidth between two hosts (backup). Both
hosts are in the same /24 subnet and each of them is connected to
a Cisco switch by 2 GbE interfaces (intel e1000). The switches/host
are located in different building which are connected by 3 x GbE.

    building A                   |          building B
--------                   ----- | -----                  --------
|      |eth2,   |   | | |   |,eth2|      |
| host |-------------------| S |-|-| S |------------------| host |
|  A   |                   | W |-|-| W |                  |  B   |
|      |eth3,   |   |-|-|   |,eth3|      |
|      |-------------------|   | | |   |------------------|      |
--------                   ----- | -----                  --------

My goal is to increase the bandwidth for a single tcp session between
the two hosts for a backup job (per packet round robin?), not for
multiple connections between many hosts. I know that I won't get 2 x
115Mb/s because of packet reordering, but 20-30% more that a single
connection would be ok.

I followed different HowTOs
or something like: ip route...equalize via...

but I never got a higher transfer rate  between the two hosts than
max 115Mb/s with benchmarks like netpipe or netio.

I guess the route cache might be a problem here, or maybe I'm missing
some other important part. I'm running Debian Etch with Kernel 2.6.21

Any ideas what I'm missing, or if it's possible at all? 

Thanks, Ralf
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