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Hi Alejandro,

>> Alejandro Ramos Encinosa wrote:
>> > tc qdisc add dev eth1 parent 1:20 handle 120: sfq perturb 10
>> >
>> > tc class add dev eth1 parent 1:20 classid 1:21 htb rate 49mbit
>> This is a misconfiguration, it doesn't make sense to add sfq and another
>> htb class to 1:20.
>...why? The case I am trying to deal with is an scenario where some traffic 
>goes into 1:20 (something like the traffic from/to the subnet 
>and then, I want to shape specifically some other traffic type (for example, 
>the ssh connections from/to subnet Is there another way to do 
>it? Please, take a in mind that (in my example) I want to enclose the whole 
>traffic from/to the subnet and from that traffic I want to give 
>an special treatment to ssh traffic.
> Andy.

I hope you already managed to find a solution to the above problem.

I think a question posted on this list does not get any answer in
four main cases:
1- It is not formulated well.
2- No one knows the answer.
3- Everyone knows the answer and thinks someone else will reply sooner
   or later.
4- The same question has been posted already many times and therefore
   a simple search in the list archive would be sufficient to find the

If you did find a solution to your problem and you think it can come
useful to others too, I would kindly suggest you to share it with the
list members (especially in the case 2 above).

Anyway, let me try to answer your questions.

Andy is right: qdisc attached to non-leaf classes are not used by HTB (even
though you can configure them).
Packets must be queued into the leaf classes' queues.
Non-leaf classes are used only for link-sharing (in the case of HTB).

Here are two examples of solutions to your problem:

1) You define two filters:
   - one for the     SSH(to/from traffic
   - one for the Not-SSH to/from traffic.
   Both filters would map traffic to 1:20.
   The first filter must be tested first (therefore you should assign
   it an higher priority).
   The rate/ceil parameters configured on 1:20 would apply to all the
   traffic that goes to 1:20 (SSH and Not-SSH).
   By assigning a policer to the first filter you would be able to shape
   the SSH traffic explicitly.

2) Instead of using the same class 1:20 for both SSH and Not-SSH traffic,
   you can create two classes under 1:20, say 1:21 for SSH and 1:22 for Not-SSH.
   In this case you would not need to attach any policer to the filters
   because you can configure two independent rate/ceil parameters for the two


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