Re: Fairness queuing across a range of IP addresses

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Oscar Mechanic wrote:
On Tue, 2007-03-20 at 20:09 +0100, Ales Klok wrote:
Derek Sims wrote:
I have a block of IP addresses (2048) used for ADSL connections to customers.

In order to provide a fair slice of available bandwidth on the contended services I would like to be able to set up some kind of SFQ filter, but using a hash of the destination IP address rather than the the full source and destination ip and port. This would be done at the Internet side gateway for traffic being sent towards the customer's IP address.

Can anybody suggest how this could be done with qdiscs?


Hi Derek, if i understand what you wanna do then i think you are looking for ESFQ. With ESFQ you can choose hash type from classic, dest IP or src IP.

As an ISP with 800 clients I found the hashs difficult to manage after
time. Also when dealing with clients who want subnet /29 mapping back to
a billing entry was hard. I wrote some PHP so other could use web front
end and used ipset (both hash and net sets) and combining with marks to
do the traffic control for different levels of service. As the client
requirements grew changed this ended in allot of panic PHP. So i use 3rd
party vendor device.

My advice would be to use 2 devices 1 to mark traffic and do access
control and use ds_shed to control traffic on other device. I think I
went wrong in trying to do all on one device.

The latest esfq used jhash - so should be better than the old hash.


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