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Thanks for your reply Andy, but i finally found out what went wrong:
I don't know why, i installed the "bison++" package that seams to contain the bison command as an alias of the "bison++" program and that bring me to the error i had, so i just installed the bison package to replace it,installed the "flex" package after it, and now the compilation works great.

I need to compile tc because i'm trying to write an elastic token bucket kernel module and i hope i will get it started and configured by tc.
Thanks to everyone that helped me.

Le 26 mars 07 à 21:06, Andy Furniss a écrit :

Vincent Dautremont wrote:
i'm still having problems about getting tc to compile, it seams to be a glibc, or yacc or bison problem and i'm totally stranger to that, i can only understand that it quits after a double free !!!
Can anyone translate this log in a solution ?
Thank you.

Hmm ISTR some mention of yacc/bison and ematch once - what version are you using?

I can build with these two -

andy@noki:~/Kern-test/iproute2$ bison --version
bison (GNU Bison) 2.2

andy@amd /mnt/hdc5/Kern-test]$ bison --version
bison (GNU Bison) 1.875

Are you building for 64bit CPU? Also why do you need to build, a new kernel? If not your distro should have tc already

If you do have a new (and at least configured) kernel tree see below.

-----here is my bash output----
vdautrem@paranux2:~/Desktop/git$ git clone git:// pub/ scm/linux/kernel/git/shemminger/iproute2.git
Generating pack...
Done counting 3328 objects.
Deltifying 3328 objects.
100% (3328/3328) done
Total 3328 (delta 2120), reused 3141 (delta 1939)
vdautrem@paranux2:~/Desktop/git$ ls
vdautrem@paranux2:~/Desktop/git$ make
make: *** Pas de cibles spécifiées et aucun makefile n'a été trouvé. Arrêt.
vdautrem@paranux2:~/Desktop/git$ cd iproute2/

You forgot before make you need to -

export KERNEL_INCLUDE=/full/path/to/your/linux-

vdautrem@paranux2:~/Desktop/git/iproute2$ make


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