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On Fri, 2012-06-08 at 16:29 +0000, Chegu Vinod wrote:
> Hello,
> I picked up a recent version of the qemu (1.0.92 with some fixes) and tried it 
> on x86_64 server (with host and the guest running 3.4.1 kernel). 
> While trying to boot a large guest (80 vcpus + 512GB) I observed that the guest 
> took for ever to boot up...  ~1 hr or even more. [This wasn't the case when I 
> was using RHEL 6.x related bits]

Was either case using device assignment?  Device assignment will map and
pin each page of guest memory before startup, which can be a noticeable
pause on smallish (<16GB) guests.  That should be linear scaling though
and if you're using qemu and not qemu-kvm, not related.  Thanks,


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