Re: [PATCH 2/4] KVM: VMX: Add functions to fill VMCSINFO

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On 04/11/2012 01:34 PM, zhangyanfei wrote:
> 于 2012年04月11日 16:48, Avi Kivity 写道:
> > On 04/11/2012 04:50 AM, zhangyanfei wrote:
> >> This patch is to implement the feature that at initialization of
> >> kvm_intel module, fills VMCSINFO with a VMCS revision identifier,
> >> and encoded offsets of VMCS fields. The reason why we put the
> >> VMCSINFO processing at the initialization of kvm_intel module
> >> is that it's dangerous to rob VMX resources while kvm module is
> >> loaded.
> > 
> > Maybe it should be done by a separate module.
> > 
> If we put vmcsinfo processing at the initialization of kvm_intel module,
> as soon as the kvm_intel module is loaded, VMCSINFO is filled. And it is
> because vmcsinfo processing is at the initialization of kvm_intel module,
> no kvm guests are running, so it will not rob any VMX resources.
> If it is done by a separate module, I am afraid this module may not be
> loaded when the kernel needs VMCSINFO.

You can make the module autoload when the vmx cpufeature is detected. 
But then there is an ordering problem wrt kvm-intel.

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