Re: [RFC][PATCH RFC 10/12] KVM: move dirty bitmaps to user space

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mark_page_dirty is called with the mmu_lock spinlock held in set_spte.
Must find a way to move it outside of the spinlock section.

Oh, it's a serious problem. I have to consider it.

Avi, Marcelo,

Sorry but I have to say that mmu_lock spin_lock problem was completely out of
my mind. Although I looked through the code, it seems not easy to move the
set_bit_user to outside of spinlock section without breaking the semantics of
its protection.

So this may take some time to solve.

But personally, I want to do something for x86's "vmallc() every time" problem
even though moving dirty bitmaps to user space cannot be achieved soon.

In that sense, do you mind if we do double buffering without moving dirty bitmaps to
user space?

I know that the resource for vmalloc() is precious for x86 but even now, at the timing
of get_dirty_log, we use the same amount of memory as double buffering.


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