Re: [PATCH RFC v2 5/6] KVM: moving dirty bitmaps to user space

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2010/4/23 Takuya Yoshikawa <yoshikawa.takuya@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> (2010/04/23 19:28), Avi Kivity wrote:
>>> OK, I will do in the next version. In this RFC, I would be happy if I can
>>> know the overall design is right or not.
>> Everything looks reasonable to me.
> Thank you!
>> Do you have performance numbers? I'm interested in both measurements of
>> KVM_SWITCH_DIRTY_LOG under various conditions and macro benchmarks (for
>> example, total guest throughput improvement under Kemari).
> Currently, I'm just checking the performance visually.
>  - on laptops, we can feel the speed directly: my favorite is installing
>    ubuntu or debian by alternate installers
>  - live migration with heavy work load
> Now that I've got the overall design, I want to measure the performance by
> numbers.
> About performance under Kemari: we( staffs: me and Fernando)
> are
> now concentrating on improving the basic live-migration infrastructures and
> they( staffs) are working hard for building Kemari itself.
>  - We are also interested in using live-migration with HA software and this
> needs
>    light, stable live-migration: same as Kemari!
> So measuring Kemari's performance with our patch-set will need some more
> time,
> ** How about Tamura-san? **

You can measure your patch quite easy.

1. Run a simple program that malloc huge size (2GB for example), then
go into infinite loop that touches each in a really bad manner, like
only touch odd page numbers.
2. Start live migration which usually won't finish. Similar with Kemari.
3. Measure the response time of your ioctl().

I used 1 and 2 to measure dirty physmap speed up in QEMU.



> So at this stage, I'll show you performance improvement(I hope to improve)
> by
> another test cases.
> If possible next week!
> Thanks,
>  Takuya
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