Re: [PATCH] KVM: fix the handling of dirty bitmaps to avoid overflows

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BTW, just from my curiosity, are there any cases in which we use such
number of pages currently?

ALIGN(memslot->npages, BITS_PER_LONG) / 8;

More than G pages need really big memory!
-- We are assuming some special cases like "short" int size?

No, int is 32 bits, but memslot->npages is not our under control.

Note that you don't actually need all those pages to create a large
memory slot.

If so, we may have to care about a lot of things from now on, because
functions like __set_bit() don't support such long buffers.

It's better to limit memory slots to something that can be handled by
everything, then. 2^31 pages is plenty. Return -EINVAL if the slot is
too large.

I agree with that, so we make this patch pending to fix like that?
  -- or should make a new patch based on this patch?

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