RE: [PATCH 01/02] ia64: Move the macro definitions related to MSI to one header file.

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> For supporting kvm's MSI, we have to move some macros
> from ia64_msi.c out to avoide duplicate them. In addition,
> to keep them consistent with x86's , I also changed some
> macros' name.  How do you think of the patch ?  If you
> agree to the changes, could you add your Sign-off-by to
> the patch, and Avi may check-in it to kvm.git first to
> fix an emergent build issue for kvm/ia64.   Thanks!

Looks OK to me (I didn't test it, or even build it ... so I hope you did!).

Acked-by: Tony Luck <tony.luck@xxxxxxxxx>
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