Re: [patch] allow dynamic sizing the kvm vmm area on ia64

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Zhang, Xiantao wrote:
Hi, Jes
     I am in holidays these days, sorry for late response.  I think
> you are saying vm area not vmm area.  In addition,  do you have plan
> to add the part to dynamicly set the value of kvm_vm_data_shift ?
> You know, it has no difference with before until this part is ready.
Maybe we can dynamicly cacluate the value in upspace according to the
amount of vcups, and transfer it to kernel at the stage of vm
creation.  Another thing we need to consider is its value should
follow tlb's page size, otherwise, it may result in other issues. Thanks for your effort!

Hi Xiantao,

Thanks for taking a look at this. Yes I do plan to add some logic for
setting this from QEMU. Basically what I talked to Hollis about was to
create some KVM_CONTEXT_CREATE or similar ioctl, where one requests a
maximum size of the KVM instance, like maximum possible number of vcpus,
memory etc.



Jes Sorensen wrote:

This patch allows dynamically sizing the vmm area on ia64. I have left
it with the same size as we used to have with the constants, but it
seems to work going higher. I put in an artificial limit of 64 vcpus
for now anyway as scaling wise it doesn't work well going higher
anyway..... we'll get there :-)


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