Re: [PATCH] qemu: define and use VIRTIO_PFN_SHIFT

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On Thursday 06 November 2008 19:38:40 Zhang, Xiantao wrote:
> Hi, Hollis
> 	Currenlty, kvm-qemu only supports the only case which is host page_size = 
qemu's target page size for ia64. Does your patch meets the requirement ? For 
ia64, current linux support 4K, 16K and 64k page size, and 1M 16M 64M or 
bigger page will be supported in future, so if your patch consider the case, 
it should work for ia64.  Thanks! 

Take a look at the patch and you tell me. :) I've hardcoded the PFN shift as 
16, which matches your TARGET_PAGE_BITS, but does it *have* to be the same? I 
don't believe it does.

Out of curiosity, if you had 4K Linux host pages, and you redefined 
TARGET_PAGE_BITS to be 12, would everything just work?

Also, as long as I have you... can we use getpagesize() instead of 65536/4096 
in qemu_vmalloc()?

Hollis Blanchard
IBM Linux Technology Center
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