[RFC][PATCH 0/4] Enabled NMI support for KVM

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This patchset enabled NMI support for KVM.

The first three patches enabled NMI for in-kernel irqchip and NMI supporting 
on VMX. The last patch enabled NMI watchdog in linux, can be used to test the 
NMI injection.

In fact, this series should also included Jan Kiszka's patch to enable NMI for 
userspace irqchip, but now I got little trouble to get the merged version 
work on my machine... We would post it as soon as we solved it. 

Another thing is the vmx_intr_assist() and do_interrupt_requests() got some 
duplication. And the logic for normal interrupt and NMI is similiar, but 
vmx_intr_assist() seems a little implicit... 

Any comments welcome!

Yang, Sheng

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