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Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm using dozens of VE's / jails to separate applications
> (even complete webapps w/ their own httpd) for easier maintenance
> and better security. But this tends to consume a lot of memory,
> since code sharing (.so's) cannot take effect here (each jail/VE
> has it's completely own tree). 
> Now I wonder if it might be possible to let the kernel automatically
> find out equal pages and map them together. 
> A little compasion showed up that at least 50% of the code could be
> shared (maybe more with some tuning, and maybe even data). So it's
> (IMHO) really worth it.
> Would this be possible ? What had to be done for this ?

Izik (copied) is working on this for kvm.  Results so far are very 
encouraging, but currently merged pages are not swappable.

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