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Title: NASA News

NASA News    

National Aeronautics and

Space Administration


John F. Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center, Florida 32899

AC 321 867-2468

Tracy Young

Kennedy Space Center, Fla.                                                          July 20, 2004

Phone:  (321/867-2468)


RELEASE:  54-04 




NASA recently granted two partially exclusive patent license agreements for the manufacturing and sale of a high-performance wireless data acquisition and control system involving work done at the Kennedy Space Center.


Developers of the patent-pending technology, known as the “wireless instrumentation system and power management scheme therefore,” include:  Angel Lucena and Jose’ Perotti of NASA; Anthony Eckhoff, Carlos Mata, and Pedro Medelius of ASRC Aerospace; and Norman Blalock of Sierra Lobo, Inc. The system acquires and processes data remotely without the need of cabling installation.


“This technology provides a highly reliable, high-performance, low-cost alternative to similar technologies in the market,” said Perotti. 


In operational use at KSC, the system meets stringent requirements for reliability, data integrity and power consumption. The design enables sensors to operate in a network configuration and can be easily reconfigured for different types of sensors. The power management scheme allows the wireless remote stations to operate on battery power, increasing the life of the stations while reducing size, weight and cost.


NASA signed an agreement with Nivis in Atlanta for use of the technology.  Nivis creates components to remotely monitor and control industrial devices. By integrating these components with wireless and Internet technologies, the company produces high-end business intelligence systems.


An agreement was also signed with Laura Lee Desrosiers Curtis in Mclean, Va., a small business specializing in IT security and surveillence applications for federal and state governments.


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