[PATCH 1/3 V2] workqueue: reimplement rebind_workers()

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Current idle_worker_rebind() has a bug.

Worker thread:					The second CPU_ONLINE thread
    test for WORKER_REBIND and fails

    #the first CPU_ONLINE is wokenup,
    #finish its later work and gone.

    this thread is also wokenup, but it is
    not scheduled, it is still sleeping

    #the cpu is offline again
    #the cpu is online again,
    #the online code do notify(CPU_ONLINE)	call rebind_workers()
    #I name this is the seconed CPU_ONLINE	  set WORKER_REBIND to idle workers
    #thread, see the right.			  .
    this thread is finally scheduled,		  .
    sees the WORKER_REBIND is not cleared,	  .
    go to sleep again waiting for (another)	  .
    rebind_workers() to wake up me.	<--bug->  waiting for the idles' ACK.

The two thread wait each other. It is bug.

So this implement adds an "all_done", thus rebind_workers() can't leave until
idle_worker_rebind() successful wait something until all other idle also done,
so this "wait something" will not cause deadlock as the old code.

The code of "idle_worker_rebind() wait something until all other idle also done"
is also changed. It is changed to wait on "worker_rebind.idle_done". With
the help of "all_done" this "worker_rebind" is valid when they wait on

The busy_worker_rebind_fn() also explicitly wait on all idle done. It adds
a small overhead on cold path, but it makes the rebind_workers() as single pass.
Clean Code/Readability wins.

"all_cnt" 's decreasing is done without any lock, because this decreasing
only happens on the bound CPU, no lock needed. (the bound CPU can't go
until we notify on "all_done")

Signed-off-by: Lai Jiangshan <laijs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 kernel/workqueue.c |  108 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------------
 1 files changed, 55 insertions(+), 53 deletions(-)

diff --git a/kernel/workqueue.c b/kernel/workqueue.c
index 692d976..5f63883 100644
--- a/kernel/workqueue.c
+++ b/kernel/workqueue.c
@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ enum {
 struct global_cwq;
 struct worker_pool;
-struct idle_rebind;
+struct worker_rebind;
  * The poor guys doing the actual heavy lifting.  All on-duty workers
@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ struct worker {
 	int			id;		/* I: worker id */
 	/* for rebinding worker to CPU */
-	struct idle_rebind	*idle_rebind;	/* L: for idle worker */
+	struct worker_rebind	*worker_rebind;	/* L: for all worker */
 	struct work_struct	rebind_work;	/* L: for busy worker */
@@ -1304,9 +1304,17 @@ __acquires(&gcwq->lock)
-struct idle_rebind {
-	int			cnt;		/* # workers to be rebound */
-	struct completion	done;		/* all workers rebound */
+struct worker_rebind {
+	int		  idle_cnt;	/* # idle workers to be rebound */
+	struct completion idle_done;	/* all idle workers rebound */
+	/*
+	 * notify the rebind_workers() that:
+	 * 1. All workers are rebound.
+	 * 2. No worker has ref to this struct
+	 */
+	int		  all_cnt;	/* # all workers to be rebound */
+	struct completion all_done;	/* all workers rebound */
@@ -1316,33 +1324,42 @@ struct idle_rebind {
 static void idle_worker_rebind(struct worker *worker)
-	struct global_cwq *gcwq = worker->pool->gcwq;
 	/* CPU must be online at this point */
-	if (!--worker->idle_rebind->cnt)
-		complete(&worker->idle_rebind->done);
+	worker_clr_flags(worker, WORKER_REBIND);
+	if (!--worker->worker_rebind->idle_cnt)
+		complete_all(&worker->worker_rebind->idle_done);
-	/* we did our part, wait for rebind_workers() to finish up */
-	wait_event(gcwq->rebind_hold, !(worker->flags & WORKER_REBIND));
+	/* It did its part, wait for all other idle to finish up */
+	wait_for_completion(&worker->worker_rebind->idle_done);
+	/* all_cnt is only accessed by the bound CPU, don't need any lock */
+	if (!--worker->worker_rebind->all_cnt)
+		complete(&worker->worker_rebind->all_done);
  * Function for @worker->rebind.work used to rebind unbound busy workers to
  * the associated cpu which is coming back online.  This is scheduled by
- * cpu up but can race with other cpu hotplug operations and may be
- * executed twice without intervening cpu down.
+ * cpu up.
 static void busy_worker_rebind_fn(struct work_struct *work)
 	struct worker *worker = container_of(work, struct worker, rebind_work);
 	struct global_cwq *gcwq = worker->pool->gcwq;
-	if (worker_maybe_bind_and_lock(worker))
-		worker_clr_flags(worker, WORKER_REBIND);
+	/* Wait for all idle to finish up */
+	wait_for_completion(&worker->worker_rebind->idle_done);
+	/* CPU must be online at this point */
+	WARN_ON(!worker_maybe_bind_and_lock(worker));
+	worker_clr_flags(worker, WORKER_REBIND);
+	/* all_cnt is only accessed by the bound CPU, don't need any lock */
+	if (!--worker->worker_rebind->all_cnt)
+		complete(&worker->worker_rebind->all_done);
@@ -1366,13 +1383,13 @@ static void busy_worker_rebind_fn(struct work_struct *work)
  * the head of their scheduled lists is enough.  Note that nr_running will
  * be properbly bumped as busy workers rebind.
- * On return, all workers are guaranteed to either be bound or have rebind
- * work item scheduled.
+ * On return, all workers are guaranteed to be bound.
 static void rebind_workers(struct global_cwq *gcwq)
 	__releases(&gcwq->lock) __acquires(&gcwq->lock)
-	struct idle_rebind idle_rebind;
+	int idle_cnt = 0, all_cnt = 0;
+	struct worker_rebind worker_rebind;
 	struct worker_pool *pool;
 	struct worker *worker;
 	struct hlist_node *pos;
@@ -1383,54 +1400,22 @@ static void rebind_workers(struct global_cwq *gcwq)
 	for_each_worker_pool(pool, gcwq)
-	/*
-	 * Rebind idle workers.  Interlocked both ways.  We wait for
-	 * workers to rebind via @idle_rebind.done.  Workers will wait for
-	 * us to finish up by watching %WORKER_REBIND.
-	 */
-	init_completion(&idle_rebind.done);
-	idle_rebind.cnt = 1;
-	INIT_COMPLETION(idle_rebind.done);
 	/* set REBIND and kick idle ones, we'll wait for these later */
 	for_each_worker_pool(pool, gcwq) {
 		list_for_each_entry(worker, &pool->idle_list, entry) {
-			if (worker->flags & WORKER_REBIND)
-				continue;
 			/* morph UNBOUND to REBIND */
 			worker->flags &= ~WORKER_UNBOUND;
 			worker->flags |= WORKER_REBIND;
-			idle_rebind.cnt++;
-			worker->idle_rebind = &idle_rebind;
+			idle_cnt++;
+			all_cnt++;
+			worker->worker_rebind = &worker_rebind;
 			/* worker_thread() will call idle_worker_rebind() */
-	if (--idle_rebind.cnt) {
-		spin_unlock_irq(&gcwq->lock);
-		wait_for_completion(&idle_rebind.done);
-		spin_lock_irq(&gcwq->lock);
-		/* busy ones might have become idle while waiting, retry */
-		goto retry;
-	}
-	/*
-	 * All idle workers are rebound and waiting for %WORKER_REBIND to
-	 * be cleared inside idle_worker_rebind().  Clear and release.
-	 * Clearing %WORKER_REBIND from this foreign context is safe
-	 * because these workers are still guaranteed to be idle.
-	 */
-	for_each_worker_pool(pool, gcwq)
-		list_for_each_entry(worker, &pool->idle_list, entry)
-			worker->flags &= ~WORKER_REBIND;
-	wake_up_all(&gcwq->rebind_hold);
 	/* rebind busy workers */
 	for_each_busy_worker(worker, i, pos, gcwq) {
 		struct work_struct *rebind_work = &worker->rebind_work;
@@ -1443,12 +1428,29 @@ retry:
+		all_cnt++;
+		worker->worker_rebind = &worker_rebind;
 		/* wq doesn't matter, use the default one */
 		insert_work(get_cwq(gcwq->cpu, system_wq), rebind_work,
+	if (all_cnt) {
+		worker_rebind.idle_cnt = idle_cnt;
+		init_completion(&worker_rebind.idle_done);
+		worker_rebind.all_cnt = all_cnt;
+		init_completion(&worker_rebind.all_done);
+		if (!idle_cnt)
+			complete_all(&worker_rebind.idle_done);
+		spin_unlock_irq(&gcwq->lock);
+		wait_for_completion(&worker_rebind.all_done);
+		spin_lock_irq(&gcwq->lock);
+	}
 static struct worker *alloc_worker(void)

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