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I need help fixing a bug in the driver for serial hardware speech synths in the speakup screen reader. According to the comments in the code, it is in a part of the code that is trying to "steal" the serial port.

First it calls request_region and when that fails (it always fails), it calls __release_region(&then it calls release_region again to see if __release_region worked. But it never works because the region being requested is already taken.

The code in question is in 2 source code files in drivers/staging/speakup. It starts in serialio.c on line 38. Here it calls a function named synth_request_region which in turn, calls request_region. On line 41 it calls __release_region, and on line 42 it calls synth_request_region again. The function synth_request_region (which calls request_region) is in a file named synth.c. But this code always fails. Here is a kind of simplified version of it...

int error;
struct resource tmp;
tmp .name = "ltlk";
tmps.start = 0x3F8;
tmp.end = 0x3FF;
tmp.flags = IORESOURCE_BUSY;
error = request_resource (&ioport_resource, &tmp);

The error returned is always -16. I looked at the code in kernel/resource.c where the request_region function is defined. It builds a linked list of resources with start & end addresses. If you request a region that is already within the start-end range of a resource already in the list, it returns an error code. But it looks as if the region for a serial port, 0x3f8 - 0x3ff, in ioport_resource cannot be reserved because the entire range from 0x000 through 0xcf7 is already taken by something named "PCI Bus 0000:00". Therefore calling request_resource always fails and the driver for the speech synth errors out.

And therefore I can't use my hardware speech synth without modifying the kernel code. If you comment out the line that checks the return code from request_region, it works. So you have to modify the kernel code and compile a custom kernel to use a hardware speech synth. That's not such a problem for me but it is for a lot of people. Plus, the grml live CD doesn't work with hardware speech. That is a problem for me.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this so it can be patched in the official kernel code?

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