Re: KMail freezes after adding address to addressbook

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On Thursday June 28, 2012 6:14 am Duncan wrote:

> As the now akonadified kmail2 was shipped and people began to upgrade, 
> they weren't always happy with the results.  Initial functionality was 
> deliberately very very similar, almost identical, so that wasn't the 
> problem.  Stability was.  Unfortunately, the akonadi database-bridging 
> backends weren't entirely stable and there were various glitches between 
> akonadi and its backends, and between kmail and akonadi.  People were 
> losing mail and weren't too happy about it!  Additionally, there were 
> still problems with migration and people continued to lose access to some 
> of their old mail in new kmail2, even to having entire mail-folders 
> disappearing and having to reimport them.
> I happened to be one of those people.

These problems are why I subscribed to this list. I thought that I was either 
missing something in plain sight that was causing me to misuse Kmail or that 
there was some workaround available to make these issues less problematic. I 
dumped KDE when 4.0 was shoved in my face by Kubuntu, and I had used Kmail for 
years before that. I only recently returned to KDE in Fedora and found that 
Kmail was no longer the stable and reliable mail client that I remembered.

For some time I used Mutt, but I often get mail with attachments in MS Office 
formats, and Mutt makes handling those a PITA. I like to compose mail in Vim, 
and that, at least, still works in Kmail. Maybe I should look into Claws Mail. 
That would have been a more seamless transition from Mutt than Kmail was.

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