Re: Preselected session in KDM

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Am 18.06.2012 11:06, schrieb Hans Muecke:

>> Execute this command in the terminal and choose an option
>> andrew@andrewsPavilion:~$ update-alternatives --config x-session-manager 
>> There is only one alternative in link group x-session-manager: /usr/bin/startkde
>> Nothing to configure.
>> andrew@andrewsPavilion:~$ 
> Did that ... gnome was selected for auto. Will let you know what happens
> after the next reboot.

Ok ... that one did the trick. Thanks for pointing me to the right

Talk to you later ... Hans (80 to go)

2012/06/19 17:20
EDDS 191720Z 33004KT CAVOK 25/17 Q1015 NOSIG
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