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On Monday 11 Jun 2012 23:12 my mailbox was graced by a message from Duncan who 
> >>  so kmail replaced with claws-mail,

> > Is there a painless way to import into claws-mail the KMail filtering
> > rules ?
> Unfortunately, not that I know of... and I had 50 rules to rewrite!  
> There's scripts and other import methods for messages and addressbooks, 
> but not filtering.
> What I did tho which did help, is create a few filters manually using the 
> claws-mail GUI so I could see how they appeared in the filter-file, then 
> I opened it in a text editor and used the usual copy/paste, find and 
> replace, etc.  That sped things up dramatically, and even tho I had to 
> bounce back to the claws-mail GUI to do a couple more filters when they 
> added a new element I hadn't yet done so didn't know the text pattern 
> for, it was both faster and DEFINITELY less tedious than trying to do ALL 
> FIFTY filters via the GUI!

So you just built up rules in ~/.claws-mail/matcherc using content  cut and 
pasted from  ~/.kde4/share/config/kmailrc ?
Thanks for the pointer, I'll start on it asap as Kmail is the last prog that 
keeps me tied to the now (IMOHO) bloatware KDE has become.

To save time and help me study the syntax of the filter rules, would you be 
kind enough to mail me off-list a copy of your matcherc file ?

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