Re: Tell who did you PAY to include Akonadi?

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Well, I'm not KDE developer but my understanding is that they consider
Akonadi is has a good design, and so using Akonadi is meant to
ultimately allow application developers to develop more reliable apps
by building on top of it.

I doubt rehashing this argument will do much good; it would seem
better to just choose a desktop environment that reflects your values.
Have you considered LXDE? It doesn't have any "cool" features, only
the bare essentials but those features are all well designed, reliable
and fast. All the desktop environments are fast on a Core i7 + SSD...
usually..., but sometimes Gnome and KDE will slow down and a have to
leave to computer for few minutes before it becomes usable again. In
my experience, LXDE is *always* fast on a modern machine.

John C. McCabe-Dansted
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