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Renaud (Ron) Olgiati writes:

> I have noticed that after playing some games (Pinball and Xlogical) in 
> fullscreen, my desktop is all messed up with all the icons scrunched
> together on the LH side of the screen, as if I had done an Icon => Sort
> and this in spite of having the icons locked.
> Is there a way to avoid this ?
> KDE 4.6.5

I don't have icons on my desktop (only in folder views), so this never
happened to me. But sometimes when I start applications that change the
resolution (from 1920x1080 to something less wide), some windows have
moved to the left when I am back to KDE. I also had a similar problem
with plasma stuff, but that was long ago, maybe when I also was running
KDE 4.6. And before that.  I'm using 4.8.1 now BTW.

My sister does not have these problems on her PC, but she experiences
some weird flickering effects sometimes which seem to be KDE related, but
I only know about that from her descriptions, I did not actually see
this yet.

Anyway, my workaround since I started using KDE4 is to just not start any
of such applications while in KDE4. Instead, I have a 2nd session running
a simple window manager (IceWM, OpenBox, FVWM2, XFCE4 or whatever you
like) where I start this stuff from an xterm. Duncan's idea about using
an activity is an interesting approach, although I think I keep using my
method, as switching via Ctrl-Alt-Fn is probably faster.

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