Re: How to prevent KDE to load at Windows start ?

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On 15/03/12 18:07, Francois Maurice wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to know how to prevent KDE to load at Windows start ?
> There is a terminal-like window (a black window) that tells me
> that "kdeinit4.exe" is starting. But I don't know where to turn off
> that automatic loeading in Windows.

The details vary from one hardware brand to another, but here is the
general plan of what happens.

When you boot up you usually see a splash screen that tells you to use
F2 or Del to access the Bios settings.  After that the screen often
goes black for a couple of seconds, maybe with a still white cursor in
the top left corner.  Then the cursor starts to blink.  At that point
you have maybe 3 seconds or less to interrupt it.

When you think it's about to get to that point, hit the down-arrow,
tapping it slowly until the screen changes.  From your wording I
assume that you are dual-booting, so when you do that you will see the
option to boot into Windows.

If this isn't what you need, tell us a bit more and we'll see if we
can get you where you want to be :-)

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