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On Friday, 2012-03-09, Duncan wrote:

> You may also want to try converting addressbooks.  There's a
> script that mentions kmail, but I think I couldn't
> figure out how to get akonadi to give me a csv export, so that wouldn't
> work for me.

Akonadi is a data access technology, backend stuff. What you are looking for is 
user interface, front end stuff.
If data is accessed through Akonadi, than you'd be looking for a contact 
processing application with CSV output or export.
E.g. KAddressBook.

If course the data format of choice[1] for contact data interchange is VCard, 
so it might make more sense to look for an application capable of that. E.g. 
also KAddressBook.

In either case obviously only necessary when the data is not stored in the 
target format already. Most common locally stored addressbooks are VCard based 
(either one file containing multiple contacts or one contact per file in a 


[1] a CSV row does not have any meaning attached to its columns, therefore 
export and import stage need to exchange the mapping of column to contact field 
separately. Often done by offloading that to the user, e.g. requiring the user 
to perform that mapping manually in an import user interface and/or through 
mapping files.

Nowadays usually only necessary when dealing with simple text tools such as 
grep, sed or awk. Any high level scripting language has vcard manipulation 

Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring

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