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On Monday 23 Jan 2012 01:06:41 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Monday, 2012-01-23, Duncan wrote:
> > Meanwhile, of course, with 4.8 kde is introducing the new ksecrets
> > framework, designed to be api compatible with gnome-keyring (tho the
> > backends are different),
> Just to clarify: secret service is actually a new API for services providing
> secure local storage. One implementation of such a service is
> gnome-keyring, though a lot of GNOME based programs still use the old,
> gnome-keyring specific, API.
> There is some progress on a KDE based implementation for both the service
> and the client part of a secret service setup.
> The service component will at some point be run as part of a KDE workspace
> setup, offering its services to any client application developed for the
> secret service API.
> The client library will allow KDE applications to access any other service
> implementation, e.g. when the KDE application is running in a setup which
> uses gnome-keyring as the storage service.
> The KWallet API will be implemented in terms of the new API, thus making
> KWallet using applications use the currently running secret service.
> > and over the next several kde versions, it's
> > likely various apps will switch to ksecrets from kwallet, leaving
> > kwallet
> > deprecated, altho I'm guessing it'll remain available thru the kde4
> > series.
> Indeed.
> > But whether it'll be in kde 5 or whether ksecrets will take over
> > for kde5 and they'll drop kwallet, remains to be seen.
> I don't think this is a question of "if". It is more a question of whether
> we will see a stand-alone or shared service implementation being used by
> common workspace setups.
> In any case this won't change anything for the thread starter until there is
> a service implementation that does not store the data in an encrypted file
> but in plain text based file(s).
> Cheers,
> Kevin

Errrrrrrrrrrrr  the passwords were never stored as PLAIN TEXT in the old 
kmailrc files they were always munged somehow   a far superiour idea ti this 
new crazy idea of centeralised password storage  screw one file bing all your 
passwords gone   old style  screw a file only passwords for that application 
gone everything else unnafected  far safer 

Pete .

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