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On Sunday 22 Jan 2012 23:49:36 Duncan wrote:
> Peter G Nikolic posted on Sun, 22 Jan 2012 18:45:27 +0000 as excerpted:
> > I have a problem that is annoyin to say the least
> > 
> > I older versions of Kmail it would very happily store the mail passwords
> > in the config file  now it does not althou i tell it to store them
> > system versions as in sig block   but just in case
> > 
> > 
> > KDE Development Platform: 4.7.4 (4.7.4)  64 bit
> > 
> > every time i close down the system and restart it i have to re enter ALL
> > the passwords for Kmail (thats 11 passwords)  . I do not like the
> > Kwallet thing and do not wish to use it at all    how do i convince
> > Kmail to behave
> There's a somewhat obscure detail you left out when you mentioned the kde
> version, probably either because you didn't know about it, or you forgot
> that it applied.

Well i have looked all over the show all i can find is Kmail 4.7.4 Kontact 
4.7.4  everything is 4.7.4 

> kdepim (which kmail is a part of) was stuck at the 4.4.x level for all of
> kde 4.5 and some of 4.6, as the devs worked on kmail2, which switched
> kmail to the akonadi backend.  Even in kde 4.7 and possibly 4.8, some
> distros/individuals don't believe the new akonadi-based kmail/kdepim
> versions corresponding to the kde version are stable enough, so continue
> to ship/use the old 4.4.x versions, altho they're looking a bit dated by
> now -- at least they're quite stable.
> So at least for now, for anything dealing with kmail or kdepim, in
> addition to the kde version, the kdepim version is also quite useful, or
> lacking that, the kmail version, which tho harder to track, will at least
> reveal whether you're using 1.x and thus kdepim 4.4.x or 2.x and thus
> presumably the same kdepim version as the rest of your kde.
> That said, due to the nature of the problem I'll presume you're using the
> new akonadified kdepim/kmail, not the old 4.4.x.

I believe it is the new version the password fields in the account setup are 
grey out you can n ot select them to enter a password 
> AFAIK the new akonadified kmail/akonadi no longer has a plain-text mail
> account password storage mechanism at all.  You either use the kwallet
> mechanism, or enter all account passwords at every akonadi restart.  (In
> the new setup, kmail is just a UI wrapper around akonadi, and it's
> actually various akonadi resources that track email local storage and
> each email account, separately.  Thus, shut down akonadi and you have to
> reenter passwords (kwallet or individual accounts) when you restart it,
> even if kde and kmail remained running the whole time.)

It has to be said a very Very very bad move yet another layer of software to 
go t**s up and scupper the system
> FWIW, I had my doubts back with kdepim 4.4 when kaddressbook switched to
> akonadi, but decided I'd wait to see what the akonadified kmail was
> like.  After trying the akonadified kmail in kdepim 4.6.0 and 4.6.1
> (still not synced with the rest of kde but they came out during kde 4.6
> at least, kdepim 4.6.0 I believe with kde 4.6.2), I'd had enough, and
> decided I had to get off it, so switched to the gtk-based claws-mail from
> kmail about the time of kde's 4.7.0 release, and got rid of all of kdepim
> and akonadi entirely (I was also using akregator and switched to claws-
> mail using its feed-reader plugin for that as well, I run two separate
> claws-mail instances now, one for feeds one for mail) by 4.7.1.  It's
> rather ironic that almost exactly a decade ago now when I switched to
> Linux from MSWormOS, I picked kmail over the then sylpheed-claws, but now
> I'm using the successor claws-mail having switched from kmail. =:^0

Yes i have got claws running on the laptop but i just cant quite get into it  
it is good done get me wrong but just something about it that does not quite 
do it  , Althou i may well have to change to claws as this password thing is a 
dang nightmare al lot of them i can remember but there are 3 that are machine 
generated  concoction of hyroglythics if they aint written down boom gone ..

> Obviously the switch took a bit of getting used to, and the conversion
> process was somewhat difficult as I had nearly a decade's worth of mail
> in kmail, plus another several years' worth that I had imported to kmail
> from MSOE,  However, seeing where kde's taking kmail, I'm /really/ not
> interested in going there, and the only thing I wish now is that I had
> migrated earlier, as I've been quite happy with claws-mail indeed! =:^)
> The new akonadified stuff may be great for some folks and I understand
> why they're doing it since it allows the kdepim folks to combine much of
> the code that had been duplicated between the various kdepim components
> into a single akonadi and database backend, but that's just not where I'm
> going, so I wish them well, but we're obviously going in different
> directions and thus I've switched to claws-mail, which which I'm quite
> happy, instead.  Of course there's other alternative mail apps as well;
> I've read of others switching to evolution, for instance, but that's
> gnome-based and I don't have nor want gnome installed, and besides, it's
> a huge monolithic beast for those who just want a mail client, too, so
> that wasn't for me.  But claws-mail was! =:^)

Yes i found a way around the mail import  i found a script that took the old 
kmail maildir  format files from the individual  "inbox/arch/cur" tree and 
converted them to mbox then just copied them across  
> Meanwhile, of course, with 4.8 kde is introducing the new ksecrets
> framework, designed to be api compatible with gnome-keyring (tho the
> backends are different), and over the next several kde versions, it's
> likely various apps will switch to ksecrets from kwallet, leaving kwallet
> deprecated, altho I'm guessing it'll remain available thru the kde4
> series.  But whether it'll be in kde 5 or whether ksecrets will take over
> for kde5 and they'll drop kwallet, remains to be seen.

Hummm  we will see if there is one thing i hate it is centeralised password 
storage  it just plain goes against the grain  

Pete .

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