Re: [Okular-devel] [Bug 267350] filling out a PDF form saves data to some file i ~/.kde/share/apps/okular/docdata/

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When introducing a new party to a converstation, in this case the KDE user 
mailinglist, it is usually very helpful to provide context to said new party.

When the discussion has happened on one mailinglist so far, a good way to do 
that is to provide a link to the discussion start in the original 
mailinglist's archive.

On Friday, 2012-01-13, Dan Armbrust wrote:
> > Dude.. if you spent half as much time submitting a patch, as you did
> > complaining about the issue, it would be fixed yesterday..
> > 
> > Quit complaining, you aren't paying for this software. Fix it yourself,
> > or stop using it.
> > 
> > No one cares just because you want to whine like a spoiled little brat.
> Same goes to the developers.  They could have fixed it in about 2
> minutes, 2 years ago.
> If you actually read the e-mails in this thread, you would see that I
> have stopped using it.
> I'm continuing to make noise about it because Okular is exposing
> personal data of every other unsuspecting user that ever touches it.

Assuming that was the reason for including this support mailing list, having 
basically no information about the problem does more harm than good.

Given the tiny pieces of information so far ("exposing personal data") I have 
to assume that Okular is attaching some kind of user input history to 

Is it attaching itself ("behaving like a virus") to the document?

> The developers of Okular don't seem to care.  Perhaps someone higher
> up at KDE who understands a security issue when they see one, will.

You mean the Okular maintainer?
No idea who that currently is but did that person participate in the 
discussion on the Okular list?


Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring

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