Re: [Okular-devel] [Bug 267350] filling out a PDF form saves data to some file i ~/.kde/share/apps/okular/docdata/

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On 1/13/2012 9:03 AM, Dan Armbrust wrote:
Dan, I understand you are frustrated. But this here doesn't help to
solve the problem. In fact it makes it a lot less likely that Albert
or one of the other Okular developers will work on it. So ultimately
you are hurting your case.
Now let's move this forward constructively, please. There are several
ways to do this:
* Work on it yourself if you have the skills.
* Convince someone else to work on it.
* Wait until Albert or one of the other Okular developers finds time
for it. I am sure they have registered by now that this is important
to you.

Lydia Pintscher
KDE Community Working Group / KDE e.V. board member -

I'm really sorry that no one reading this thread seems to be able to
comprehend the dis-service that KDE and Ocular are doing to their

Okular is behaving almost as badly as a virus.

This should be treated as a security issue.  And it should be handled
as one.  And fixed.  Quickly.

Instead, we have Albert denying that it is a problem... or, ignoring
is, since hey,  there are all of these other ways that people could
steal data, what harm will one more do?
Even if someone else fixed it, he probably wouldn't accept the patch,
since he considers it a "feature".

This bug doesn't impact me.  Because I uninstalled Okular 2 years ago,
when I discovered the problem.

This bug impacts everyone else that ever uses Okular - they just don't
know it.  So, I'm advocating for them, since no one else seems to

I reported this issue to the developers two years ago.
I even suggested a number of ways that it could be addressed.
The most trivial of fixes would have taken a developer about 2 minutes
- simply turn off the damn "feature" - or redirect it to /dev/null.
But, no one will turn it off.

So, we remain at a stalemate.  With Okular behaving like a virus.  And
Albert calling it a feature.  No one else with the power to fix it
cares, and the users get the shaft.

What a sad state.
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Dude.. if you spent half as much time submitting a patch, as you did complaining about the issue, it would be fixed yesterday..

Quit complaining, you aren't paying for this software. Fix it yourself, or stop using it.

No one cares just because you want to whine like a spoiled little brat.

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