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Bogus Zaba posted on Thu, 27 Oct 2011 21:58:18 +0100 as excerpted:

> Found the answer by doing what I should have done before contacting the
> list, I guess : Googling for the exact error message regarding kded
> having crashed. When I did that I pretty quickly found this on an Arch
> forum:
> The trick is to delete the directory : /var/tmp/kdecache-<username>

Thanks for the fix.  It would have taken me quite some time to think of 
that, since I have that set to some other location, that /is/ in my 

(FWIW, my /var/tmp is a symlink to /tmp, which is on tmpfs, so it always 
starts off clean @ boot.  But some of kde's cached stuff, favicons, etc, 
works best if saved across reboots, so when I setup /var/tmp as a symlink 
pointing at the tmpfs, I had to figure out which var to set to point kde 
at a different cache location.  $KDEVARTMP, FWIW.  Here, it's pointed at 
$HOME/config/cache, which is obviously in my homedir, as I stated.  And 
it's under my $XDG_CONFIG_HOME setting too, which is $HOME/config, so in 
my case, moving that out of the way for testing, as I suggested, would 
indeed have fixed the problem.  But it wouldn't have fixed yours, so 
thanks for the fix report indeed, and provided I recall it the next time, 
I'm sure the next person to have a similar issue and post to the list 
thanks you, as well. =:^)

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