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From: Eric Griffith <egriffith92@xxxxxxxxx>

To: kde@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>Sent: Monday, 11 July 2011, 19:26
>Subject:  Re: A beginning programmer
>Thanks for the quick responses guys, and now I have a stupid question
>haha, I didn't even really think of this until this moment, but whats
>the guideline for replying to an email listing, on here, with multiple
>people in the conversation? Reply-All or just emailing back directly
>to kde@xxxxxxxxxxxx? All my emails before this had just been me and
>other person so I didn't even think about it but this just came up on
>the python list as well.
Reply to kde@............ otherwise some people will get 2 copies of the reply.

Yahoo mail ok now - it had switched from raw text.

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