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Thanks for the quick responses guys, and now I have a stupid question
haha, I didn't even really think of this until this moment, but whats
the guideline for replying to an email listing, on here, with multiple
people in the conversation? Reply-All or just emailing back directly
to kde@xxxxxxxxxxxx? All my emails before this had just been me and
other person so I didn't even think about it but this just came up on
the python list as well.

Back on track, though, I'll be checking out various bug trackers, the
junior jobs; one of the python devs said to just start small and start
writing scripts for things I do all the time. Off the top of my head
was post-install scripts for Ubuntu / Fedora / Arch, but to do it in a
different language than just bash. Like with Python + system calls to
Bash for package management.

On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 6:57 AM, John Woodhouse <a_johnlonger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> From: Eric <egriffith92@xxxxxxxxx>
> To: kde@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Sunday, 10 July 2011, 23:13
> Subject:  A beginning programmer
>  I'll sometimes be roaming / lxer / phoronix and
> see some new patch mentioned, and out of curiosity I'll click on it
> and read it, and
> I have to say.. alot of the time it looks like gibberish to me. Even
> with comments,
> I can't make sense of it. Perhaps im simply unlucky and choosing the
> more... low-level
> patchs to look at, but I got to say, its rather disheartening when I
> can't even make sense
> of what is going on.
> I know this isn't strictly limited to KDE but I'm sure that my situation is
> hardly new to programmer's the world over.
> Any feedback is much appreciated!
> -Eric-
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> I have been writing software for rather a long time and can understand the
> problems you are having. Documentation these days often isn't an easy route
> to understanding. If there are any true detailed overviews of functionality
> at the code level anywhere I'm sure it would be of great interest to many.
> The suggestion of dreaming up something you want to do yourself is an
> excellent one. It can get people flying very quickly. To that end you might
> want to take a look at qt_creater. It's free and rather capable. It does
> have it's foibles - think carefully about naming when the graphics are
> specified as changing them later there seems to mess it up. It also changes
> rapidly - eg a call that Kevin mentioned to me no longer exists.  The
> programs it produces will run on KDE4.....
> As to using it there are many examples which is good as some aspects aren't
> all that intuitive.
> I have no idea how this post will turn out as yahoo mail now seems to assume
> top posting. I don't post often but it may turn out that Duncan may have to
> put up with me top posting if this one doesn't work correctly.
> John
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This message is from the kde mailing list.
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