Activating kdb without pause key?

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Hello Jan,

> > I experience problems on with tuxonice (suspend to ram) on my
> > macbook. KDB is installed, but I can't activate it because it
> > requires that I press the Pause key to activate it. Can I change
> > this - the laptop doesn't have the key.
> To activate KDB at boot is done by turn off this configuration
> flag in building your kernel: CONFIG_KDB_OFF
>    # CONFIG_KDB_OFF is not set
> If your kernel was built with CONFIG_KDB_OFF, you can add this
> option to your kernel boot command line: "kdb=on".
My kernel was configured without CONFIG_KDB_OFF, so kdb should be

The problem is that I cannot come to the point at which I can print
backtraces etc, because the Pause key is missing on my keyboard.
As far as I understood, I have to press it to enter kdb and can then
type things like "bt" and so.

> However, AFAIK kdb support is only maintained for ia64, x86_64, and
> i386 architectures.
The macbook I am using is x86_64.

Regards/Mit freundlichen Gr????en
Christian Weiske

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